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Opening Remarks for TICA-UNV Conference on youth volunteering for the SDGs

Opening Remarks for TICA-UNV Conference on youth volunteering for the SDGs

“This is going to be my last public speech as the UN Resident Coordinator in Thailand. In June 1987, exactly 30 years ago, I began my career as a volunteer humanitarian and development worker in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa. Since then, many things have changed, but my passion has always been to serve the vulnerable people in the world. As the Resident Coordinator, what I have enjoyed most is to engage with young people like you, regardless of nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, language and background. Youth is the driving force to create the better future in our planet. Some of you may have heard of the 5 P’s for Sustainable Development: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership and Peace. For me there is a 6th P, and that is PASSION, the strong devotion to make this a better world for us now and future generations. That is why it is our responsibility to invest in and create opportunities for the youth. And today I am pleased to talk about youth and volunteerism at the end of my assignment as the Resident Coordinator. “

“On that note, I hope this event will be an opportunity for all of you to identify good practices, and innovative approaches to South-South Cooperation through youth volunteering. And I hope our young audience here will one day say with pride: that’s how I started, as a youth volunteer. “

— Mr. Luc Stevens, the UN Resident Coordinator in Thailand, gave a speech for the youth volunteers at TICA-UNV Conference on 22 June 2017.

Resident Coordinator’s Opening Remarks for UNV-TICA Event on 22 June 2017


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